a)      To protect the Common from enclosure, boundary changes, and development damaging to the Common or the interests of Common Right holders and graziers.

b)      To protect the rights of commoners and encourage people to preserve and protect their rights, and to discourage the loss of those rights when property changes hands.

c)      To assist commoners, graziers, and members, when required, in their dealings with Statutory bodies, the landowner, and his agents, in so far as is legally possible, but without financial obligation.

d)      To protect the long established customs, practices, social and community inheritance and traditions of the common from erosion or neglect.

e)      To support and represent commoners, when required, in particular by assisting arrangements for commoners not exercising their grazing rights in person to lease or lend their rights to graziers within the terms of the 2006 Commons Act.

f)       To assist participation in environmental schemes when considered of benefit to commoners, graziers, and the common.

g)      To work with the Lord of the Manor’s Court Leet to further the objectives of the Association

h)      To work towards the updating of the existing Commons Register, now badly out of date, in order to protect rights and as a historical record. Updates 1908, 1965, 2015. Every time the register is updated 20% or more rights have been lost.


The Manor of Spaunton
  • Appleton le Moors

  • Lastingham

  • Hutton le Hole

  • Rosedale Westside

  • Spaunton

Spaunton Moor