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CL162 Appleton & Spaunton Common Protection Association

               Agenda for meeting in the Village Hall on
Thursday the 13th April  2017
at 7.15pm

Entrance fee £1.50
for the Village Hall & to defray Association expenses.

(The meeting is open to any person who holds registered
common rights and to such persons living in the Parishes containing Spaunton
commoners who subscribe to the stated purposes of the Association, are over
eighteen, and who are prepared to abide by the rules of the Association. )

To adopt the minutes of the meeting on the 19th
October.2016. (Alison Elsome)

Court Leet and Graziers position following
October 2016 meeting. (Jim Welburn). (see also maps on the web page “Latest
News Spaunton Quarry Consultation . Proposals. This is an estate proposals map.
 (Jim Hall to project maps for the

Commons status of the Quarry. (Jim Welburn)

Removal of heaps of aggregate on Quarry site and
effect on the landscape scheme, and the return of the land to the common. (Geof

Correspondance with the National Park concerning
the status of the presentation of Mr Winn Darley’s latest proposals for major
development on and enclosure of common land. The Park has two hats.

-17th Jan: To National Park

-14th Feb: From National Park

-28th Feb: email to National

(Jonathan Allison)

with the National Park concerning 
the completion of the landscape scheme by the 14th December
2007, and enforcement proceedings 
required by the National Park by 13th December 2017 at the

1st March: from National Park (Janet

14th March from the National Park to
Jonathan Allison.

Mr Winn Darley’s latest proposals tabled before
the National Park Committee on the 16th March, and on the web page
“Latest News Spaunton Quarry Consultation”.

(Geoff Sherwin)

Discussion on proposals and formulation of the
views of the Association, bearing in mind the Association purposes as set out
in the ‘Constitution’. The principal ones affecting this case are:

To protect the Common from enclosure, boundary
changes, and development damaging to the Common or the interests of Common
right holders and graziers.

To protect the long established customs,
practices, social and community inheritance and traditions of the Common from
erosion or neglect.

Any other business